The History and Reputation of Cheemo Lodge

Click to Enlarge ImageSince 1978 we have been providing memorable fishing trips to our many guests from far and wide. Guests always receive the warm, friendly hospitality for which sports people are known. The abundant fish, clean clear water, beautiful scenery, the wildlife (bear, moose, bald eagle and more) and our fully modern lodge all combine to make this a truly memorable vacation. Because of our cold water the northern pike and lake trout bite well year round. The main lodge has 8 guest rooms accommodating from 1 to 4 guests. Our American plan includes boat and motor, gas, bedding, meals and towels.

Click to Enlarge ImageThe lodge is mainly constructed of logs. Eight guest rooms, a large dining area and a new recreation room complete with a pool table and a card playing area all compliment the lodge. We have our own power plant and freezer facilities. We also have two cabins near the lodge with showers in each.



Facilities - We offer a fully modern lodge with up to four guests per room. In the 36 years that we have owned the lodge, we have continually improved on the installed items for the enjoyment of the guests (pool table, hot tub, large recreation room, etc.)

Meals - To us, this is very important. All meals in the lodge are served family style with an all-you-can-eat limit. Bread and desserts are baked fresh in the lodge. We will be happy to accommodate those with special diets. Please notify us in advance and arrangements can be made.

New Experiences - Have you ever been on a float plane, caught a lake trout, fished a 30 square mile lake by yourself, been this remote or fished in the Canadian Precambrian Shield?

Holiday - Although you may call it a fishing trip, we prefer to call it a holiday. After all is said and done, we believe you came to fish, sightsee, relax, and unwind from today's fast pace. We suggest a one week stay. Best in groups of at least 6 people for a full float plane.

References - We will be happy to supply you with references. Some guests have returned many times over the 36 years we have operated the lodge..

Benefits - We have to our benefit no commercial fishing, no pollution, less fishing pressure, colder water (excellent lake trout fishing all summer), plentiful wildlife and a truly remote wilderness environment also with all the amenities of a modern facility.

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