Description of Area and Lakes

Cheemo Lodge is situated on Tazin Lake in the northwest corner of Saskatchewan and is accessible by air only. We fish not only Tazin Lake (200 sq. mi.), but also Tsalwor Lake, a 5 minute walk. (30 sq. mi.) and Thluicho Lake (20 sq. mi.).

Click for larger imageTypes of Fish - Lake Trout, Northern Pike, and Lake Whitefish.

Size and Quantity of Fish - Although trophy fish abound in our lakes, not everyone will be fortunate enough to latch onto one. As in all endeavors, what you accomplish is proportionate to what you put in. By this we mean that, if you are after a trophy, you will need to know enough on your own to accomplish this. If you need a guide or want to achieve this experience on your own and are more interested in catch and release of large quantities, the choice is yours.


Areas and Lakes - With the vast area of water to be fished you are assured of hardly ever seeing anotherboat. We stock a wide variety of hooks, line, rods, reels, etc. at very reasonable prices. If you wish to travel light, we will supply you with all the necessary tackle for $30.00 per person per trip. You pay extra only for the lost or damaged equipment. In most cases, the rental fee is less than the cost of a few hooks that you purchase, and you'll know our hooks are tested and true.


Benefits - We have to our benefit no commercial fishing, no pollution, less fishing pressure, colder water (excellent Lake Trout fishing all summer), plentiful wildlife and a true remote wilderness setting with all the amenities.

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