Sore Arms and Fish Tales

The cold clear water and isolation of our lodge means that there is excellent fishing the entire season. Trophy fish abound and although not everyone will catch one, there are large numbers to be had.

Fishing licenses, tackle and tackle rental, drinks, guides and a float plane are all available at Cheemo Lodge. We have good maps, so if you venture on your own you will have no problems. If you wish to have a guide, we will supply one that will operate the boat, clean the fish and will keep the boat clean. Fish for up to 8 hours per day with 2 people per boat.

Types of Fish - Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Lake Whitefish and Grayling.

Size and Quantity of Fish - Although trophy fish abound in our lakes, not everyone will be fortunate enough to latch onto one. As in all endeavors, what you accomplish is proportionate to what you put in. By this we mean that, if you are after a trophy, you will need to know enough on your own to accomplish this. If you need a guide or want to achieve this experience on your own and are more interested in catch and release of large quantities, the choice is yours.

Fish Facts

Benefits - We have to our benefit no commercial fishing, no pollution, less fishing pressure, colder water (excellent Lake Trout fishing all summer), plentiful wildlife and a true remote wilderness setting with all the amenities.

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